Isolino Virginia

Phases included in the AgriChange project

Gruppo Isolino: 5300-4900 cal BC
VBQ: 4900-4500 cal BC
Lagozza: 4000-3500 cal BC
Late Neolithic: 2900-2500 cal BC

Type of site

Open-air, dwelling site
Wet site


Varese (Lombardy, Italy)

Work done to date

Previous analyses (mostly Late Neolithic deposits) by M. Rottoli
June 2018. Field campaing: coring and profile sampling

Analysis of 1 monolith sample and 7 cores

Remaining work

Analysis of additional cores and monolith samples.

Type of study

Archaeobotanical analysis
Entomological analysis
Archaeozoological analysis


Abundance of all types of studied remains

Main significance

Oldest lakeshore settlement known around the Alps

Main difficulties

Limited information on the archaeological context (inside/outside of an aerial construction, etc.)