Cova de Can Sadurní

Phases included in the AgriChange project

Cardial: 5450-5350 cal BC
Postcardial: 4700-3900 cal BC

Type of site

Cave site, multiple uses
Dry site


Begues (Barcelona, Spain)

Work done to date

All seed/fruit remains recovered until 2010, from all layers, were already analysed.
From the campaigns 2010-2017, some new data has already been produced within the AgriChange project.

Remaining work

Campaigns 2010 to 2019. Expected: 70-100 samples

Type of study

Archaeobotanical analysis


Abundant seed/fruit remains

Main significance

Well preserved Cardial layer and extraordinary stratigraphy for the 5th millennium cal BC. Large plant diversity.

Main difficulties

Disentangling the multiple taphonomic origins of the plant reamins found in the Middle Neolithic layers.


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